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Manufacturing process of TechniStone®

The technology of our engineered stone is based on the production of semifinished products which are subsequently processed into the fi nal product. There are the following operations:


Raw materials inspection, sorting and cleaning / Tanks for UP resin / Silos for fi ller and silica sands / Storage of selected quartz grits in big-bags / Grinders for crushing of mirrors, granites… / Two sets of vibrating sorters and separators / Silos for crushed and sieved grits / Machine for pigments mixing.


Mixing - According to Technistone’s special formula and know-how; raw materials fl ow into the mixing machines, where inorganic grits, fillers and pigments are mixed with UP resin. The whole process is computerized. 
Spreading - Prepared mixture is transported to special spreading equipment. Firstly, the mixture of material is either fi lled into rubber mould or between two paper sheets. Next, it is evenly spread.
Pressing - Special vibro-press machine changes the mix of materials in a vacuum environment into the compact mass by vibration. Prepared
slab is free of any gaps or bubbles between individual particles.
Kiln - The material is carefully put into the curing oven where it is heated on both sides to the appropriate temperature. This causes the polymerization of the polyester resin in the slab and ensures it is cured completely. After that, the newly formed slab is cooled down.


Calibrating & Polishing - The slabs are measured and calibrated to the required thickness and fi nalized. The product surface is fi nished step by step in a polishing machine by special tools. Based on customers’ demands, products’ surface treatment is performed to obtain a polished, honed, brushed, antique, matt or ardesia surface fi nishing.

Tiles Cutting - Slabs with dimensions of 306 x 144 cm can be further cut to almost any sizes. The most common sizes are 30x30, 40x40, 60x60 cm. Tile edges can be bevelled up to size 60x60 cm.

Quality Control, Storage & Expedition - All slabs are inspected and sorted according to their quality by trained personnel. Each controlled slab is measured by an objective color measurement system to determine exact color shade. The result: high quality products and satisfi ed customers. Finally, the slabs are safely stored in a warehouse and dispatched at regular intervals to customer.

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