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Marketing support of Technistone

Our continuous work with partners and distributors of TechniStone® material led us to the creation of various marketing support materials. Check out our latest brochures, samples, gifts and ask for their availability at


Technistone brochures

Color Range 2017, leaflet, A4 (A3/A4)                                                                                                                      Noble Collection (210 x 255 mm)

Technistone for life, folded leaflet (A2/3)                                                                                                                Technical Data Sheet, leaflet (A4 (A3/A4))

Beauty of Technistone (210 x 255 mm)                                                                                                                   Product Leaflets (210 x 210 cm)

Refference Projects (300 x 170 mm)                                                                                                                        TS Gallery (300 x 170 mm)

Folded File (A4)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Rollup (200 x 85 cm)

Folder - Favourite Colors                                                                                                                                          Noble Folder - Noble Collection

Samples, Sample Sets

Sample 10 x 10 x 1 cm

Samples Set - K1

  • Crystal Absolute White, Crystal Polar White,
  • Crystal Diamond, Crystal Quartz White,
  • Crystal Royal, Crystal Anthracite,
  • Crystal Nevada, Crystal Sahara,
  • Crystal Creme Beige, Classic Ice,
  • Gobi Black, Gobi Grey, Gobi Brown,
  • Harmonia Dolomites, Harmonia Altay,
  • Harmonia Sierra, Harmonia Velasco,
  • Harmonia Yosemite

Samples Set - K2

  • Brilliant White, Starlight White, Brilliant Black, Starlight Ruby, Starlight Sand, Starlight Brown, Brilliant Grey, Starlight Grey, Starlight Black, Starlight Latte, Starlight Frappe, Starlight Corto, Starlight Mocca, Taurus Brown Pearl, Taurus, Taurus Black, Karpat Arizona, Sonora

Samples Set – K 18

  • Noble Supreme White, Noble Carrara,
  • Noble Calista, Noble Troya, Noble Botticino,
  • Noble Desiree Grey, Noble Athos Brown,
  • Noble Olympos Mist, Noble Cloudy Onyx,
  • Noble Ivory White, Noble Imperial Grey,
  • Noble Pietra Grey, Noble Concrete Grey,
  • Noble Areti Bianco, Noble Lusso Champagne,
  • Noble Argos Nero, Noble Silver Notte,
  • Noble Perlato Luna

Samples Set – Matt

  • Crystal Absolute White Matt, Gobi Grey Matt,
  • Crystal Royal Matt, Gobi Black Matt,
  • Crystal Diamond Matt, Noble Imperial Grey Matt, Noble Desiree Grey Matt, Noble Concrete Grey Matt



  • 30 samples (200x150mm)


  • 15 samples (200x150mm)


  • 45 samples (200x150mm)


  • 15 samples (100x100mm)


  • 18 samples (100x100mm)


  • 33 samples (100x100mm)


  • 42 samples (100x100mm)


Lapel decoration                                                                                                                                                                     Paperweight „Globe“

Business card holder                                                    TS cup with saucer                                                             TS pen                                                                             TS pencil

Stone pendant                                                                Paperweight „Square“                                                       Notebook A5 – 20 sheets                                           TS sticky note

Keycase                                                                           Stickers                                                                                USB „crystal“                                                                  USB „chain“

USB pen                                                                           Plastic black bag - small                                                  Black bag – small                                                    Black bag – big

White bag – small                                                          Black bag noble collection                                               Shopping bag – white                                                  Shopping bag black

Red bag - small                                                               Wine tag                                                                            T-shirt                                                                         Cap

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